Tasty Cultures, a Modern European Restaurant was born due to our love for natural food and high standards of quality ingredients. Both are the simple foundation for a healthy diet. Iwona and Robert Palussek, both grew up in Europe and have been fortunate to experience many cultures and culinary specialties. After moving to Southwest Florida in 2014, there was not a better time and place to finally bring the best of Europe to Cape Coral. Iwona being Polish and Robert being German pretty much explains what we serve at Tasty Cultures. Iwona, Chef and owner, is very particular in finding organic seafood, vegetables and herbs.
In today’s globalized world, cultures influence each other. This applies also to the way it affects specific cuisines of different countries. A Europe without borders has brought new and exotic flavors to existing dishes. Tasty Cultures is committed to bring you exciting new flavors to Southwest Florida. We understand the dynamics of a changing food industry away from processed fast food to simply more natural and healthier food.
Our core values of food integrity and food responsibility are the drivers for our commitment to deliver one meal at a time, the healthiest, freshest “home-cooked” style dishes to our customers.
All products we use are carefully chosen, fresh and – when seasonally available – regionally based.
Our soups and sauces are prepared fresh daily, marinades and salad dressings are also homemade.
We do care for the Vegetarian Community and therefore will always have a Vegetarian dish of the day that will follow a plant-based diet and lifestyle. On our menus you will find in addition to the regular staples always some new creations.

Fine European Flavors
Relaxing Home Style Atmosphere